Who uses an LMS?

Learning management systems can be used by companies as well as educational institutions such as high schools, colleges or universities. It is suitable for all companies that prioritize employee development. So small or mid-sized businesses with limited budgets can also benefit. There are sectors where a learning management system is more suitable than face-to-face training, for instance :
Health sector. The best way to teach doctors and nurses about medical examinations and procedures is through practice. However, soft skills such as ways of dealing with patients and theoretical knowledge about the steps of medical procedures are suitable for an LMS.
Real estate sector. Keeping broker knowledge up to date requires constant training. They also got to be certified to advise and perform specific tasks.
Legal sector. An LMS keeps its participants up to date with the newest laws, procedures and additions.
Transformation industry. Chemical industry workers got to renew their licenses, for example. An LMS is ideal for certification. Read how automotive manufacturer HALMex uses Easy LMS.
Hotel sector. To train seasonal workers, for example. In addition, large hotel chains or multinational food companies can efficiently deal with changes in rules and regulations.
Learning management system use cases
Learning management system use casesOnline learning management systems serve several purposes. Let’s list the most common ones:
Employees training. Employees are the backbone of an organization.
Integration of employees and customers. With an LMS, you get new hires prepared for their new roles continuously and quickly. Before long, they’re going to learn more about your organization’s values, policies, and procedures. You’ll find that your employees will become productive faster.
Also, you’ll use an LMS to onboard your new customers. An LMS can give them a kick-start to get the most out of your product or service.
Customer training. Online software product vendors often use this type of training. Customer training with an LMS ensures your customers are up to date on new features. It also helps them get the foremost out of the merchandise , which ultimately leads to happier customers.
Extended corporate training. With an LMS, you can strengthen your brand and achieve consistency across partners, resellers, and customers.
Compliance training, accreditation and certification. Implementing compliance training in your organization can be tricky. But not if you use an LMS. It reduces the workload and makes mandatory courses less tedious 😉. LMSs offer comprehensive certification options.
Franchise training. An LMS is ideal for keeping processes and products uniform across all sites. You can reach multiple franchises at the same time with just one click

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