Learning Management System or better known as ‘Learning Management System’ (LMS) is a software application for administration, documentation and reporting of training programs, classes and online activities, e-learning programs and training rates. This system is very necessary because it is used to manage student learning in a university, institute, and college through the internet.

Learning Management System LMS:

Learning Management System is a term widely used for a system environment that provides access to online learning services for students, teachers and system administrators. The main purpose of this system is to help facilitate the management done on students, subjects each semester, help lecturers manage the subjects offered and administration throughout their studies at the university, institute and college.

Among the important features of this system is the process of putting course materials online. Through this system, students’ progress through assessment features can be tracked and instructors can give quizzes and tests online. Next, the ‘ Discussion board’ is very important because it allows teachers and students to discuss about reading and continue lecture discussions between formal lecture sessions.

In addition, instructors can send announcements to the class and communicate with students individually through other communication tools ( Other communication tools ) available in this system. The system also provides a ‘Lock box for students’ facility.which can help students to store class materials in a safe place whether the presentation will be held in class later or make a second copy for class assignments in a safe place.

Learning Management system

This system is highly recommended as it is able to install and deliver the core of learning quickly and accurately. Therefore, teachers and students should preferably use this system in learning in order to centralize teaching and learning strategies. The picture below is an example of a Student Information System from the Institute of Teacher Education. 

In addition, the Learning Management System or LMS meaning is also able to have an impact on the basic activities of educational institutions. This is because LMS plays a role in training and measuring business skills. It should be aligned with standard procedures for all learning and teaching activities including addressing policy issues related to these activities.

learning management system LMS categories:

LMS is divided into two categories, namely ” proprietary” and “open source” . An example of a proprietary LMS is a blackboard while an example of an open source LMS is eLeaP. eLeaP provides many benefits as it is one of the software that is seen to have the highest value and the highest use in the educational community, especially higher education and universities. The use of this LMS can allow students and lecturers to discuss easily to access learning materials.

Furthermore, this system is highly recommended as it provides a branded portal for e-learning delivery. As a result, it can facilitate e-learning with online learning platforms. Therefore, it can be concluded that this system is very important again when this system can improve compliance with regulatory requirements. Thus, we can see that most universities use this system in their learning. The image below shows an exampleeLeaP used by UNITEN.  


 Not only that, the system can also create centralized learning. This system is able to help and facilitate the learning process because learning can be done anywhere and at any time. This can help students find any learning information they need. If students want to talk to an expert from the university, they can do so via email or blackboard provided in this system.

Learning Management system

In turn, organizational efficiency can also be increased through this existing system. This allows the information to be edited and released in an easy way. As a result, the enthusiasm for work and study can be increased and no longer bothered by management problems. Therefore, they are able to carry out tasks efficiently and effectively.

In my opinion, all universities or colleges or institutes need to apply this learning management system because it is clear that there are many facilities that can be obtained from this system. This is because this system is needed by all teachers and students in their learning to facilitate learning to run smoothly.

Furthermore, when they are able to continue the discussion online if they do not have time in the lecture. In addition, the system also allows students to share information with external parties. This can save time because the information shared can be retrieved quickly and can be used multiple times over time. In conclusion,


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